Mark Terrence Burgan was born on 14th April 1982 to Rita and Terry in Southdene, Kirkby, Liverpool.  He had three sisters, Laura, Kate and Jayne.

Mark attended St Joseph's Infant School before transferring to Cherryfield Junior and then his senior school, Brookfield. He was known by his teachers to be a "credit to teach."

At the age of 16 he studies Mechanical Engineering at Huyton and Roby College, receiving a trophy for heing "The Most Outstanding Student."

Mark joined the army when he was 17 and became an Irish Guard alongside his cousin David Sheerin.

On the 7th June 2009 Mark had his own personal tradgedy when His one and only Son, Archie ,was born sleeping.A very sad and painful day for him & all his family. 

During his Army career.Mark served in Northern Ireland, Kenya, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belize, Oman, Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was on March 23rd 2011, Mark was tragically killed when the vehicle he was driving was struck by an Improvised Explosive Device. A day that will live forever in our hearts. Mark will be forever a Legend. Although he used to say Soldiers dont see themselves as heroes as they are doing a job they chose, Mark will forever be his parents hero,his sisters hero and indeed the hero of a family who truly loved him. In the words of his Nin ( Marks Great Grandmother ) who he adored, ' Sweet Dreams Handsome, until The Stars Forget To Shine you Will Live On In This Heart of Mine - Unforgettable - Irreplaceable .x  

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