Mate,seemes like yesterday that you was in me 'spares ' iso looking for kit.Think of you EVERY day Mark.Always good times when you were around back in the UK soon so a drink will be raised to you.

Miss u so much mark, but bein a parent myself now im glad ur with ur boy archie, hope u have been to see ur new neice nancy!! The newest sherbo hahaha, let me know wen u have, u not wot i mean. Hope uve have been listenin to my prayers mate, i mean every single word of it. U will never understand the gap u have left in all of our lives!! Miss u cuz. Call in an see nancy u will love her mate.

Fond Memories today & always . When God Made you he threw away the mould, only one Burgo who can never be replaced or forgotten. QS Brother.      

Remembering the good times,sad times,my memories can not be taken away  I will treasure all my memories of you as a baby,child & man never to be forgotten.Missed each & every day.Always in my thoughts forever in my heart. Missed beyond words- Unforgettable - Love Aunty Colette. xx

 At The Going Down of The Sun and in the morning we will remember all our fallen. The flame is are the memories soldiers are left with.   Norman Haddon. .    

The staff & customers of The Spinney Hill Pub are looking forward to helping support your Aunty, Uncle & friends at The funday were we will help raise money in your name & memory.We have learned so much about you. RIP Soldier Burgan. From SP.

  Happy birthday archie,miss you both loads mark,thinkin of u always x vinnie

Hope you are spoling Archie today on his birthday.we went to the SANDS garden yesterday at The Arboretum & put some flowers and poppies for you & your boy and placed 5 Smiling little angels for our baby angel Family who will never be forgotten, My Brothers  Vincent & Martin,Nephew & Neice Stephen Laura & my great nephew Archie are all together in our special place. Two of your friends Steven & Kerrie came with us too,we raised a JD whilst sat on your bench, a salute to a heroe. Love & miss you dearly,always & forever , Quis Separabit. make sure archie blows out all his candles on his cake today & tonight I will look for his special star in the sky I named  after him 'Archies Light ' will always shine bright. xx Love Aunty Colette & Ian xx 

I am an old Soldier who today remembered you & all our fallen at our Armed forces Memorial Service .Prayers were said for all those who have fell whilst Serving and protecting Our Queen and Country not forgetting the brave who lost their lives on the beaches during Dday. Tomorrow we will participate in the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Honour Walk,your fund has proudly sponsored the poppy appeal in your  memory.Your name will certainly be known by many who did not know you at the going down of the sun and in the morning We Will Remember.Lest We Forget. Mr B Williams. Royal Artillery Regiment.  

Tomorrow 28.6.14 is Armed Forces day & like everyday our flag will fly high for you because everyday is Remembrance day. I dont need a special day to bring my handsome nephew to my mind because a day without a thought of you is very hard to find. Your memory lives on & your name and the sacrifice you made will never be forgotten. Goodnight Godbless - Sweet Dreams. QS - Aunty Colette.xx

Burgo,  I walk past broady park sometimes ,the laffs we ad there,playin' footie an usin  jumpers as goal posts,kopin off there an gettin portion chips to sittin' off with them .great times lad.  Spud.

Rip Lsgt Burgan . T. Swift

What a fantastic tribute to a young man who made the ultimate sacrifice and who's legacy lives through his memorial website and fund. Rest Easy Soldier. Edward Callaghan.

Your family must be very proud of you. Your legacy & sacrifice is remembered  by those who respect the army. RIP Sgt Burgan. Christian Smith.

A True Hero who never came home B Draper. 

I am a serving soldier myself and want to acknowledge this website and most of all remember Mark Burgan accodingly. Respect to a Fallen commrade. Lee Thomas.

 A fantastic tribute page to a man who made the ultimate sacrifice and will not be forgotten. Nick Hardy.

Simply a legend.GBNF YNWA. Dave C.

Still think of you Burgo.Miss all the banter about the footie, see you at the Re org my brother.QS.

I did not know you Mark but your sacrifice is known by many. Ive attended many events in your name and each time I learn more about you. Kirsty & Richard. xx

forever loved & missed my handsome nephew,Not a day goes by that I dont think of you or speak about you.Love you dearly always & forever. Aunty Colette & Potter Pilgrim

Mark,wish things could of been different and you would be with us for a dodgy song and a pint in the falcon this Christmas we all miss you and your memory will Live on. Quis Separabit. Ste Doyle.

J Raffo

Burgo - although I did not have the pleasure of meeting you but I now certainly know of you ! Apart from being a Scouser, a good Red and by the sounds of it, a typical Mick ! You have done your family proud, served your country and also worn the Mick Capstar. Your friends and family are also a credit to yourself, the Irish Guards and continue to help others as no doubt
you would have done. Mark - you will never be forgotton, so until we all meet again as one big family, good night, god bless and RIP ...Q.S.

Happy birthday Burgs, love and miss you more as time goes on mate. I dont think its so much that time heals us, i think its more that we learn to be stronger. I'll always remember the last few jabs and kidney punches we traded, miss you lad. Sleep well mate. Danno x

Happy birthday mate
Gbnf x x  Raf


Hi Mark, just a note to say mate, you will never be forgotten and the work goes on to raise money in your name, thanks to your aunty coll and Ian, I Done the abseil in N/pton, even though I don't really like heights but done it for you and coll. Sky dive next, I will let you know how it goes. All the best mate. Dave Cooper.

Our dear nephew mark,taken from us to soon,two years mark you went to that great spirit in the has left each and everyone of us broken hearted.hope all the angels are looking after you up there mate.gngb mate sweet dreams,r.i.p xxxx always auntie Susie n uncle stan xxxxxx

ill try not to cry tomoro mark , but it takes just the smallest thing, never gets easier lad . ur picture is the biggest in our house , so ur the last thing i see an the first thing i see. miss u loads burgo, never a day goes by without u popping up in my head, would love to have one last mad one with u , (u know wot i mean , circle of trust an tha )haha funny times mate, love u always mark , Vinnie QS xx


Haven't posted anything for a while mate, take myself on and off facebook from time to time as some of the stuff you see just burns my head out. Sometimes in life when things like this happen, families can be divided and never recover, families can become a tighter unit than ever. What's happend to ours is quite hard to take, as we all used to be so close.. I guess I'll have to put my faith in Him and you to bring us back together. Keep looking in on your mum, had a good sing an dance with her one night over crimbo in ours, Markus is a cracker and looks a lot like you more every time I see him lad. Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two. Love and miss you Burgs, Danno x

babey cousin still speechless like yestday we helped you over dads fence to get in back way in me heart till last breath why why not fear always the best. jonathan burgan

Each and everyday your are in my heart thoughts and prayers. I miss you so much Mark. Quis Separabit - 'Who Shall Separate us' = Noone ! Goodnight Godbless Handsome seeet Dreams,Love Aunty Colette xx

Dreamin about you Quite alot lately Mark, Can hear youre Voice all the time as well. Still isnt real. You will never ever be forgotten mate i talk about you everyday.. Gutted that I avnt come across a photo with me an you on it yet.... Still.. i have all the memories in my head of the races down the white slide in the Baths in Butlins, Games of footy on Chegsy, Manhunt in and around the grove wen we were little........Oh! and the Famous Chopper!!! haha classic. Miss you Bro x Marto x QS

thinkin of you always mark, missin u loads  ur constantly on my mind at the minute, Vinny. QS


rip mate x
j.raffo burgo. S.Green

just a trbute small and tender to a very dear nephew i will always remember,mark you are loved and remembered every day.the heartache to my family has devastated us.cant believe it.i hope you are at peace with my dad n ur son.and i hope that in time our hearts will be mended.and we will be the close family that we were before this happened to you.time alone will tell.gngb mate love you always.susie n stan xx

well my handsome nephew. I hope you had a lovely christmas in the paradise bar for Heroes. you were certainly remembered in our house, not that you will ever be forgotten, Strange how often I sense you in my house,its a nice feeling to knowyou are always near. your nin made a little speech about you & your Grandad Collo on christmas day because we know thats who you would of been drinking with in the clouds snug bar. Love & Miss you always, never far from my thoughts & prayers Forever in my heart. xx Aunty Colette xx

You'd think such a character was invincible, that the world cant afford to lose such a personality an such a good guy. It says alot about you that the fact you were only 28, you touched so many peoples lives. Everytime i hear a Christmas song i get Emotional because as you get older you realise Christmas is about family, an youre always on my mind more so over christmas, when we have family partys an stuff. Id give anythin to hear you ripping our David or givin our Danny a ' Rib Tickeler '... Miss you everyday Mark, Say hello to our Gary for me mate xx Marto  QS

Death is not just for the old.
Sometimes the young die too.
You were only in your twenties
When angels came for you.
... It’s very hard to understand
Why you died so young.
You had so much to live for
And was loved by everyone... 
But we know God has a purpose
And a plan for each of us.
We know He loves His children,
And in Him we put all trust... 
Although our hearts are broken,
We know you’re in His care.
Your memory will remain alive
Until we join you there.  ♥ ♥ ♥
Love Aunty Colette & Ian xx 

Hard To forget Someone Who gave so much for me to remember & you my handsome nephew will always be remembered & never forgotten.Not a day goes by I dont think about you or talk about you,even auntys have broken hearts when they have nephews who are so have always been a heroe from as long as I live you will be alive in my heart until the old clan meet again one day & all my families heartache will be over. xx Aunty Colette xx

Crimbo is here lad an to tell u the truth its not the same, times flying since u left and you are not here with us bro x familys fell apart kid, love does strange things to people and everyone is just aching. Its mad coz i can still hear ure voice wen think of u... Love u all the world my bro, think bout u everyday and a piece of me died on that day.. You will never be forgottem my mate i talk bout u everyday to anyone an everyone, ure my hero, my insperation! Wait till i see u lad u can get me in a head lock fat head! Marto x

Miss you with all my heart Mark.All of our family are just still in disbelief.I remember so very clearly the last time you were staying with us January 2011.You were home on your RR & we shared lots of wine beer & food & had a good laugh, I put my christmas tree up& All these lovely memories came flooding back.I wish I could bring all those happy days back.As I put your photo on our tree I felt a gentle breeze as the little bells tinkled..Thankyou for your little visit especially as its my birthday. You will be forever young,Forever Loved,Always and forever Rememberd. xx Aunty Colette xx

Time is slipping by mate and its really not getting any easier to believe your gone and we wont see you again. Once christmas is out the way it will just be a case of waiting for that dreaded date, and remembering it all over again - it feels like yesterday, that pain of being told, and the pain of seeing all our family devastated. we all miss you so much, 28 years of memories will always be with us i guess that will have to do now, thats all we have left of you. Please watch over us all and remember how much we love you and miss you being here with us. Thank you for being the person you was and giving us that short time we had with you. Never be forgotten cuz, ever! Lala xxx

Had a pint with a few of the lads last night mate,talked about you for ages.laughing at some of the things we all got up to. great tribute page Y.N.W.A  Davey. 

Still talk about you everyBurgo You are and always will be my friend in life in death you will always be remembered.  J Davies 

you just pop into my head and I just Still cant believe in mate. R.I.P Mucker QS. Steve B. 


Loved & Missed each and every day. People speak your name with pride and admiration and I will promise that this is the way it will always be, Mark Burgan will never be forgotten by all who knew him and now all those who know of him because of your bravery and ultimate sacrifice your name and memory will live on through all we do in your memory. Your Sister kate done you proud running a marathon for her amazing brother and I ahve no doubt you were with her all the way. And as you know Your sister laura has a beautiful baby Son Markus,her boy.. so like you as a baby and Our Laura, just adorable I am so happy for her. I know in my heart you will be beside him each & everyday watching him grow up..forever & always at your family's side guiding..watching & helping us all.. My handsome nephew Mark..I love & miss you with all my heart xx Aunty Colette.xx

They say times a healer, but i just cant heal Burgs! Everytime i see ure face i just sink into an unknown world...... its just to hard to accept im never gunna see u or hear ure laugh again....I love you mate always and forever x x x x Martin

Thinking of you on sunday and every day mate. Gone but not 4 gotten.miss u loads. Luv, ma sherbo. X

Just thought id come on here and write a little something as you have been on my mind more than ever this week, i cant explain it as i always think about you just more so this week. I came into the living room the other day and our Finnley was kissing your picture and having a little conversation with you... I felt you were chatting back to.him, hopefully telling him to be good lol. Im so upset that i couldnt make the memorial dinner tonight and be with all our lovely family but i know they will have a great time and raise lots of money in your memory. Love you loads cuz shine bright and watch over us all. Never forgotton mate xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

miss you Burgs xx QS Vinnie xx

Mark,Not a day or night goes by without thoughts of you,you are always in my heart & forever in my thoughts. we shared many happy & sad memories over the years and they are something I will always treasure,they are photographs in my heart & mind. As you know Remembrance Sunday is fast approaching,it always been a meaningful day for all our family,espcially as its Grandad Collo's birthday too. We have always worn our poppy's with pride and sometimes our tears have been hard to hide. You truly earned the respect & honour you desreve,you made the ultimate sacrifice, your a heroe & a legend, but you knew that anyway. I have always be so very proud of you, I was blessed with an Amazing nephew.  I watch videos of you & love hearing your voice and watching you move,laugh,sing and even swear !! I miss you ....  xx Aunty Colette

    rip lad xxx
j raffo

Burgo id give anything to hear our Kate shout " Mum, tell Mark!" then to hear that all so familiar " What you on about you little cryer! " just thinkin the other day of wen we used to go back to ure dads after a party, u didnt care wat time it was or who was asleep, you wud be screaming Left, right, left, right, left, right! storming round the house hahaha one of the girls wud shout " shut up " then it wud be " get to bed you cryer " ure dar wud be fumin hahaha me and fisher were talkin bout the dug-out we built in the park yrs ago, someone struck a 30 yarder at it, and it collapsed with u and bert inside it! hahahaha memories like this are great......R.I.P. Bro xx Martin

Sat here cuz, cosy on the couch with my kids just thinking of you and how proud I am of another member of our gorgeous family doing something amazing in honour of you , well done Ian love you so much guys xxxxxxx Patsy xxxx

I didn't know Mark, but as I know his cousin Ian Collins who I sereved with. I would like to send my condolence to his family. I'm 100% sure he was a great solider and family man. And he will allways be remembered. And his memory will live on. From Jordan RIP mark

miss you mark. Marto x

Everytime I look at your pictures on my facebook page it feels like ur still around, they reckon times a healer but i know im gonna miss u terribly forever. Had some funny times though lad didnt we ey?, sum boss partys in ure maars, we used to argue about whos goin to get the ale at 5 in the mornin hahaha, burgo you never failed to put a smile on my face mate! Miss u forever, always in my thoughts bro x Marto x

I didnt know mark but his Cousin is doing a absail that he advertised on my free site on f/b .Ian collins, lets hope he is able to raise more money for your memorial fund .rest peacefully brave soldier. Lee Netherton.

Hey Cuz , just sitting here looking at some more family pictures and laffing at the good old days, all good memories hey , for all them years you called yourself the 5 th Sherbo and my 2nd older brother !!!!! Well yes you were Mark and we all miss you terribly , wish you were here to share our happy times love you loads and thank you for bringing Gilly into my life I know it was you who sent him to me as you wanted us both to be happy and you knew we would suit each other perfectly , you made the right choice :0))) love always Colette,Gilly & your little princess Olly xx
Big hugs Harold forever in my thoughts xxx love ur Annie Crab xxx

I always say the same thing. 'Never forgotten". But i mean it. You will never be forgotten. Words can't describe how much loosing you in person has affected our family. Miss you now and forever cuz. Love and hugs.....and a dig off Amari :-P ) xxx

Mark, I truly hope you look down on your family and friends and see how many people love and miss you. Sadly, our family will never be the same, but thankfully we have 28 years of tears and laughter to look back at and share. One day we will all meet again and the banter will carry on :-D. Until then, sending you lots of love & hugs. You will never be forgotten. EVER! X

Hiya mark just been sitting here having a cup of coffee wen your picture fell over on the table glad you pop in once in a while yes we won the tug of war for you what a fun day that was didn't win the wheel barrow race your mum won that for you gngb mark QS xxxx Aunty Mandy and uncle Ronnie (Collo ) x

Great day in Memory of Mark Burgan from what I have heard of this young man, and all that I have read it seems to me he was respected by many not only as a soldier but as a person. It was nice to meet his Mother,Garndmother and uncle along with other members of his family. As parents of a baby angel we thank you for your understanding and support Rest in peace Sergeant Burgan. Margie & John Theaker.

It was an honour that The Royal British Legion , Northampton Branch was asked to award the trophies at The Bramton Halt fund Raising event, 15th September 2012. So thank you Colette & Ian, you do a great job in everything you do for your nephews Memorial Fund, credit where it's due. Larry Mann.

Today would be your third wedding anniversary mark ,seems like yesterday mate, seeing you both so strong an happy after wot you had already been through touched everyone who was there , always smiling , thats all i see when im thinkin bout you lad, your smile! i know you will be round the family today and hope ur still smiling at the end of it, ***jft96***, miss you lad x vinnie x

Hello my Handsome Nephew..What lovely messages being left for you. Been speaking to a few of your friends from your battalion,love hearing their little stories make me smile. Miss you so much Mark but I know you are never far away from any of us and I bet you will make an appearance somehow on the funday because they were times you liked with family & friends, always up for a good laugh and a few beers. Im proud to be your Aunty and the nation is proud of you. QUIS SEPARABIT. xx Aunty Colette xx

Just been looking through some pictures from demis christening and feels so weird looking at them knowing ur not here dont feel real. so sadley missed mark always nadine x and big hugs from ur 2 lovely cousins lexi and demi xxx

As I placed a poppy Rosette at the wall of rememberance in memory of my Grandaughter at the NMA in staffordshire. I met a lovely lady called Colette and her mother Mary. Godbless you both and all of LSGT Burgan's family. It is right to honour and give thanks s to our fallen. Rest in peace Mark you will never be forgotten.Mr & Mrs D Hemmingway.(RBL)

Afer browsing The Mark Burgan Website I am totally in awe of this young man. The tributes and messages show how loved and respected he was. We will never forget our fallen. Dai Hemmingway (Ex Servicemen -Royal Artillery)

Rest Easy Brother.Quis Separabit.

What an amazing tribute to Mark Burgan. Godbless you Soldier and all who have fallen. D.Jones. Dorset in Kent.

I dont come on this sight too often as reading all the messages and seeing how our family is hurting so much just kills me inside. We miss you so much, its so unfair why did it have to be you? I wish it was all a dream and you just turned up out the blue, as you have done in my dreams a few times now. Like it didnt really happen. I wish. I really do. Love u and im so proud of you and the job you done, the job you loved. Watch over us all mate, till we see you again. Lala xxxx

Rip lad
Gbnf x

To The Mark Burgan Memorial Fund. We would like to say a big thank you for the help are giving in supporting SANDS.We are the parents of a beautiful baby Angel, 'Amelia Rose'. We heard of the fund through a friend of ours in Brighton,their son was a soldier in the Grenadier Guards he also was sadly killed in Afghanistan. So very kind and understanding as well as heart warmimg to know, that Mark is an Angel Daddy as well as a hero. We did not know Mark but we shall never forget the sacrifice he made. The fund is an amazing tribute to an Angel Daddy who's love and support continues to touch the hearts of many through his memory.Dawn and Kevin Woodhouse

Hiya darlin xx you must be well pleased & proud of your sister Laura after the arrival of Your little nephew Markus Phillip a gorgeous little cousin for our Archie. Yesterday (3.8.12) was one of mixed Emotions for me,so God knows how your sister must of been feeling. I know you would of been watching over them as you always do & Im sure you will visit them each & everyday.Even from heaven you will be the perfect Uncle just like your the perfect Daddy. Heaven has two perfect Angels. there has been lots of saddness & heartache and I know this will upset you to see the family like this, we all miss you so very much & losing you has torn us all apart,lets hope that the arrival of our new bundle of Joy will bring much happiness & harmony to all our family and may your Angel lights shine bright over us all. Love & miss you so much Mark. How can I explain something I find hard to understand. ? Quis Separabit. xx Aunty Colette xx

Hi Cuz , just to let u know that im still thinking of you everysingle day xxx we all miss u like crazy , our family hasn't been the same since that happened and its so hard !!!! We will always have our memories though , No- body can take them or beat them!! 28 happy years of laughs and good times I'll treasure forever xxx love u loads Mr Bishop from ur Annie Crab X

Never a day or night goes by without a thought of you Mark. Wish this was just a dream for us all. I am humbled when I recieve mail from people who all speak your name with pride ,even people who did not know you.I am truly honoured & privledged to have you as my nephew. I believe your watching over us all Mark because family & friends meant so much to you in so many ways. I know you can see how all of us hurt.Things happen in life that no one can fix,no matter how hard we try we just have to give up & try to pick up the pieces & carry on,it's not essy, but how I wish I could fix this darlin but as yiu said to me on the evening you left our house 'Quea Sera Sera' I will never forget them last words or the hug you gave me.little did I know that was the last hug I would get off you but im so glad I got it xx Love & miss you always & I hope & pray that you are resting in peace. Stay safe up there xx QS. Aunty Colette.

I still cannot believe this ...... so very sad !! I am so glad that I met you Burgo lad when you came to shiny 2 all those years ago.R.I.P ma.k Q.S mate. Barry Dillon.

oright burgo lad. gbnf.

Miss you Bro. Salute you everyday. Miss the good cracks we used to have.QS

What an amazing Guy. I do not know Mark Burgan but saw a Guy wearing a red band with his name on.Got talking to him and he told me what had happend.This website is a great tribute to a guy who should be remembered by the nation.God Rest his soul. G.Latham.

Not a day or night goes by with out me thinking of you or mentioning your name 'Mark' It's difficult to explain how an aunty feels when they love & miss their nephew so much. im glad that I told you whenever I saw you,spoke with you,sent you e blueys,or inboxed you,how much I loved you & how proud I was of you.I will never stop feeling that way.Like all my nephews, you will always be 'My Boy' Ive called you all that from being a young lads to grown men. Life & family are just not the same now Mark,sadness & heartache is what each & everyone of us feel. You know that I have always believed in angels,they come in many shapes and forms and that gives me peace of mind that you will watch over us all in your own little unique way,even if only for a few minutes each day. I only hope that amid all this family heartache and upset,that you are indeed resting in peace.QS xx Aunty colette xx

Just been lookin at the lantern night on youtube again Mark, seen them a thousand times, dont know why i watch them i always get upset. still thinkin of you everyday lad. Marto x

Rest in peace markxx
J raffo

Still can't believe you're gone..can't believe that all we have is a memorial page for you..miss you lad, fallen but never forgotten. Danno x

miss you mark x vinnie x

Miss you so much mate, still dont believe your gone, keep thinking your still away and you'll be home for some R an R soon. If only ey!
Keep smiling cuz, big snuggles for your boy too from me an ste, and his lil cousin James. xxxxx Quis Separabit xxxxx

Hello again mate, just laughed again there of the thought of you giving kate a takey round the grove on that green bike, kates ankle got mangled in the back wheel haha. When i was playing for chegsy an i scored an u ran on the pitch and mauled me. Just had to write them memorys down Burgs for people to see an maybe bring a little smile to everyone. X martoX

Been thinking of you again today lad, can still see that stupid smirk on you're face as you bite your bottom lip an you give our kate a dead arm haha. I think about the races down the white slide in the baths in butlins...or when you took the battery out the clock in the caravan because it kept us awake all night ticking, thought me dar was going to kill us ha. I know ill see you again one day, an when i do, im going to smash you on mario kart with Koopa Troopa!.........MARTO.......xx

Miss you today tomorrow always, Took your nin to lay some flowers in the rememberance garden for babies born sleeping,for your two uncles Vincent & Martin who would of been 40 this year,Nin-Chin also left little flowers for your boy, She said out loud " Hope our sons are looking after my grandson & great Grandson". Heartbreaking to hear but so very endearing .Hope you liked your verse & poppy cross that your nin-chin left you , Just seemed so unreal reading & seeing your name sculptured on the wall of remeberance. love & miss you so much Mark. xx QS. See you in dreamland, love Aunty Colette xx

A quiet thought, a silent tear, a constant wish that you were here. Words are few but thoughts are deep, memories of you, i'll always keep. xxxx Goodnight my Mr wonderful,Sweet dreams. Nin-chin*xxxx

I know you were there with us last night Mark when you was awarded your ' Act of Bravery' award! It was an emotional night, but also a night to be proud of you and the sacrifice you made.
Im saying it again, but I still cant believe its happened to you. So many people left hurt and heartbroken. Love you, miss you, watch over us mate, your cousin Carla (lala) xxxxxxxxxxx QUIS SEPARABIT xxxxxxxxxxx

Heard This song Mark and thought of you.

I'll be seeing you
Hey don't forget your coat
I'll be seeing you
Feels like it's turning cold
I hate that you're leaving
With so much unsaid and
This strange empty feeling
Won't let me forget
That I'll be seeing you

I'll be seeing you
Oh, that beautiful smile
I'll be seeing you
Sure as I'm seeing you now
Around every cornor
Wherever I go
Every moment of everyday
Darlin' I know
That I'll be seeing you
I'll be seeing you
Oh the nights I've cried
But maybe, just maybe
In time, I'll be fine
I'll be seeing you
When I close my eyes
I'll be seeing you
I've got you memorized
I'll always love you
I know you know that
And I know that in my heart
That you're not coming back
But in everything I do
I'll be seeing you...Love Aunty Colette xx

Alright Burgo lad.You were watching over the redmen today mate.that win was for you.Hava a bevie with the 96 today lad.sorry I missed your birthday me and the lads had a bevy for you.GBNF.YNWA. Davo.

When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark
Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone
When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark
Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk
You'll never walk
You'll never walk alone.

Aunty Colette & Pilgrim xx

I can still hear your voice shouting through the letter box saying " Take the lock off the door Nin chin,..It's Only Me,Mark " I will never forget you,Till the stars forget to shine,you will be forever in this heart of mine. Rest in peace and happiness. I love you dearly. MIZPAH 14th April 2012. your Loving Grandmother 'NIN-CHIN' xxx

Happy birthday Mark 30 today !! If u were here we wud all be celebrating tonight , but instead we will raise r glasses to you and send u all r love . Miss you everyday xxxxxx forever in our thoughts love Collette Gilly and Olivia xxxxxxx

Hi Mark, just want to wish you Happy 30th Birthday, I have been on this site many times reading all the tributes but never found the words to say myself, with never meeting you! Vinnie always talks about you and all the fun and happy stuff you all did together. You will be very missed today. QS xxxx Georgy.

Rest in peace Mark. QS Mary Francis.

Miss you Mark,always in my thoughts & prayers, just keep watching the little vidoes I have of you in Afghan and I smile when I hear your laugh and your you & grandad collo will be having lots of banter up there when you both watch over Wembley,maybe even my brother's Martin & Vincent will be having a kick about with our great nephew Archie, rest in peace with your beautiful son. xx one thing for sure darlin & its got nothing to do with'll never walk alone xx Aunty Colette QS.

Mark,still can't get to grips with this mate,not sure if I ever will.How such a unique character can leave us so soon really saddens me....It was truly an honour to open that park mate,especially with a blue red blue on my head.Can't believe how many Micks praise you when I see them around camp. R.IP Sgt ..Miss you forever mate. Marto QS.

well Mark its been a heart breaking time for everyone this last 12 months.I feel like I am still in March last year.but what a tribute to you and Ryan Chris and Peter.Our four local heroes. Everything from start to finish was amazing, the people of kirkby done you so proud, and I cant thank them enough for all their support. Mark you are so sadly missed by everyone . I hope and pray that you are with your darling son Archie and Grandad Collo.sweet dreams mate. R.I.P.gngb love you always Auntie Susie and Uncle Stan xxxxxx

What a beautiful Church service.Very emotional but so very fitting for a brave young man.Your family done you proud only what you deserved.The photo banners,flags and poppies were lovely.Elsie Duffy.

YNWA Burgo. Got told in the Park mate bout this tribute page,Ya a ledgend lad..!! Davo.

Hi i moved to kirkby in2005 and have never met mark but can i leave this message to say that all who chose to serve this country will also be a hero but the ones who dont come home will always be a an extra hero and never forgotten. Mandy Lloyd

Wish I would of known you before you were sadly taken .We have heard so much about you in the paper and especially on this dedictaed website for you. I am honoured to be able to leave a tribute and a prayer for a man who was brave and a man who was loved by all those who knew him. Godbless you and your family. Fred Harrison & family.

FANTASTIC Wow!! what a tribute to a kirkby heroe and all the fallen.I never knew you but l went the park to respect you Thankyou for protecting our country your lives were sacrificed protecting us from harm.Sleep in peace. Ste Branton (Huyton).

Hey Markus, a year??? Weres it gone? To be honest I don't feel any different. Same hurt..same grief..same pain..same helplessness. Its just a date - another day we don't get to see you. Hope you liked the little twist on our song we played in the church for you. The girls and I just sat there an smiled as whenever we hear that song we see your gorgeous smiling face and know that your with us always. We are so very proud of you Mark, what a guy our mum an dad raised mate! Keep looking over them as I know it must hurt you seeing them so upset to! You were and still are their boy....their son.... And they miss you so much..keep looking over them mate. I will love am miss you forever Mark - I am so proud to have a brother.....and I'm so proud that my brother is you, and you are one in a million. No one can compare or indeed ever will, they broke the mold when they met you and I can only speak of you with pride, admiration and loyalty. The only blessing is that your with your beautiful son. Keep lookin over leanne an showing her that your never to far away..... All my love now and forever Mark your broken hearted sister Kate xxxxxxxx

R.I.P Mark . GBNF . Your a true hero . Kirkby is going to light up the sky once again for you tonight . Show just how proud we all are of you .
YNWA xxxx

One year today Burgs, still as unreal today as it was back then.. I woke up last night around about the same time I got the call last year, was weird! The support and respect all over the internet is plain to see, some people are put on earth to make people genuinely smile and infect people with their personality, you're one of them people. I don't say "was" because to me you're still here with us, every day. He only takes the best, lookout for the youngsters now and guide them, they'll always know your name. Danny & Jen xoxox

We remember today a true British hero. Our thoughts and sympathy are extended to the friends, family and colleagues of Lance Sergeant Mark Burgan. A young man who, in the prime of his life, paid the ultimate price in the line of duty. Mark epitomised what it meant to be a member of Armed forces and we can never repay the sacrifice he made. Lest we forget our fallen heroes. Rest in Peace. Robert and Ashley.

It hurts as much as it did 12months ago. Look over all us mate. Miss and love you more every day. Lots of love, now and always. Joanne and Edd xxx

Remembering you today is all still so Raw but we have wonderful memories of such a lively family member & will be forever in our Thoughts and you have given us the inspiration to tryand do some good in this world.Love to you always. Aunty Colette & Ian xx QS

cant believe tomoro is a yr mark , tha nite an tha phone call will stay with me for ever, so will the last time we were together, a drunken hug tha probly meant nothin at the time but means everythin to me now , miss you mate x Vinnie

mark sadley missed liverpool hero y.n.w.a Albi

Nearly a year Mark, miss you and think about you all the time! you were a true gentleman and a genuine hero, we're all proud of you QS x
Tom Sheerin

Missin you lad can't believe it's a year! The bravest of the brave and the best of the best no matter where the fight. YNWA QS and I know you were on Stevie G's shoulder on the derby.
Missin you lad more than you know, Danny R
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Paddys week-end coming up Mark and Im going to be seeing your friends from Irish Guards up at your Barracks In Aldershot,be good to see them but also difficult as I keep thinking you should be there with them but then you probably are in spirt. Your missed so much darlin by so many people,do me a favour though Mark,help us all through this heartache & upset I know I shouldnt ask you favours like this because were all asking you the same thing.I know you will always be at Leannes side and I dont blame you because you loved each other so very much and Im sure she feels your presence and love everyday and I hope this brings her some comfort,not a day goes by that I dont think of you both,I wish i could make it better for us all..I wish RIP meant Return if Possible but instead it has to mean Rest In Peace. ♥ ♥ QS - Aunty Colette ♥ ♥
never got to meet you Mark, But I've met alot of your family and if they're anything to go buy your an amazing person, but we all know that? your a hero in everyones eyes. I don't know why I have came on here but I just hope your doing ok up there, and I need just one favour off you, Look after your cousin, Danny. Especially when hes at sea. He needs and misses you more than you'll ever know. Keep an eye on him for me. RIP Mark, The stories i hear about you are amazing. Shine down on everyone, your mum, dad, sisters, cousigs, your amazing huge family and most of all my one in a million boyfriend xxx Jenn Sagger.Xx
Love and miss you so much mate, always on my mind, forever in my heart. Love Carla xxxx
Can't believe its been nearly a year. Never forgotten Mark. xxx Julia.
Mark,I am sure you know that no one needs a special day to think of you,to talk about you,to laugh and cry about our wonderful memories of you because not a day goes by that I dont do any of these things. It is so difficult for anyone and everyone to accept what has happend.We all grieve in so many different ways as we try to come to terms with losing you,I look at photies everyday,I talk to you as though you are next to me and I know as well as believe that you can hear every word,you can see the heartahe and upset that has affected us all.In our own way we try to laugh,smile and move away from all these horrible feelings,dreams and feelings of disbelief but it is so very hard to understand and accept. Angels can watch over many people at anyone time and that is why in my heart I believe you are watching over each and everyone of us and you will eventually ease all this heartache.Forever in my thoughts and prayers,Rest in peace Mark,you have always been a Hero & you will be forever a legend.QS.MIZPHA xx Aunty Colette. xx
Markus.......its not very often I come on your website as everytime I see a picture of that face of yours I end up an absolute mess!!! It breaks my heart every single day seeing your sisters and your mum and dad so upset and lost without you. Not to mention what Leanne must be feeling. Still hate to think that you are gone and find comfort in thinking that you are still out on tour!!! reality is too hard to accept. Love and miss you so much xxx
Love you Mark, My hero xxxxxxxx Aimee
nearly 12 months mark, still cant get me head around it all,miss you mate x QS x vinnie x
I carnt believe it's been almost a year since we lost u mark , it's gone so fast and it all still feels like yesterday , all our family & your friends miss u so badly , it brings comfort to know you are watching over us. Thank you... You knw wat for :-))) love u always ur collywobbs xxxxxxxxx
Well Mark what a night mate , I have no doubt in my heart that you were with us all on saturday as im sure you are with us everyday xxx Aunty Colette and Ian exceeded everyone expectations it was a great night and in honour of an amazing person an amazing soldier . I still cant believe nearly twelve months on that this has really happened to you but my heart is filled with so much pride for you . The kids were made up selling bands and badges in your honour - they are so proud of you .Nin Chin sat so proud shedding a tear for you it broke my heart, I know you walk beside her everyday and for every candle she lights and for every fresh flower she places beside you everyday i know you smile down on her and keep her safe - for that mate i thank you .Keep Smiling mate xxx love and miss you more everyday x Pats xxLove you mark so much x love Mace n Macca xx
I did not know you but I was at school with your lovely Leanne and I could see from her status you both had something that was very special I am thinkin off your family and your wife Leanne as this sad day is near ( Leanne if you see this keep that beautiful smile I am sure you have MIlLIONS off people looking after you as you are a gem xxx) Rip to a REAL solider
I never had the chance to meet Mark. I have made a donation to The Mark Burgan Memorial Fund in support of a member of Mark's family: Colette, who's tireless efforts and passion for turning this most tragic of events into something that will provide help and hope for others has been an inspiration to me. Stephen Peters,Columbia,Missouriu USA.
Hope you're having lots of laughs and smiles up there... We miss you and love you - catch our hugs xxx... QS
Jo & Edd xxxxxxxx
Mark- Just reading all these tributes,still does'nt seem real mate,Just Thinking Now Im in the Irish Guards Imagine if you were my section commander...haha ! interesting !! imagine that .Luv and miss you. I know how much your proud of me,you were a true soldier an Gentleman.If I have half the success you had in The Irish Guards I'll be proud Who shall Separate Us ? Stand easy mate GBNF Love your Cousin Marto. xx
Burgo you will always be rememberd lad saw ya ma the other day lad the by broady park couldnt speak to her lad a just got chocked up remember when we used to ang around the shops an I fancied ur kate miss ya mate we ad gud times YNWA GBNF
I wanted to call you today to say I love you, but your old number is no longer in service. I tried the operator she said 'sorry I have no number for you'.I wanted to go to your house, but I Know you don't live there anymore. The post office has no forwarding address. I guess heaven is just too far away. I Love You, I Miss You. You are in my heart always and forever.I Never need a special day to bring you to my mind because a day without a thought of you is very hard to find.xx Godbless and keep you safe in the arms of The Angels.XX Rest in Peace Mark.Love Aunty Colette xx
The soldier stood and faced God,
Which must always come to pass.
He hoped his shoes were shining,
Just as brightly as his brass.
"Step forward now, you soldier,
How shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek?
To my Church have you been true?"
The soldier squared his soldiers and said,
"No, Lord, I guess I ain't.
Because those of us who carry guns,
Can't always be a saint.
I've had to work most Sundays,
And at times my talk was tough.
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.
But, I never took a penny,
That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime,
When the bills just got too steep.
And I never passed a cry for help,
Though at times I shook with fear.
And sometimes, God, forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.
I know I don't deserve a place,
Among the people here.
They never wanted me around,
Except to calm their fears.
If you've a place for me here, Lord,
It needn't be so grand.
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand."
There was a silence all around the throne,
Where the saints had often trod.
As the soldier waited quietly,
For the judgement of his God.
"Step forward now, you soldier,
You've borne your burdens well.
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell." rip mark x jo Baines
My dear Nephew xx. So much heartache since you went away Mark,So many hearts broken and Torn. I wish I could make things better for us all but I can't & we all hurt so much.I just want you to be remembered for the handsome lad you were,For the Hero and legend that you are & for the love pride and respect you had for each and everyone of your family for this is a reflection of the love & pride we all have for you.Your Loved & missed so very much by each & everyone of us.Life will never be the same but not a day will go by without me mentioning your name,a smile,a tear wishing you were here.I believe your watching over us all at any one time Mark & I will never stop believing that one day we will all be together in that Mansion in the sky,until that day arrives I say my prayers that your eternal rest is peaceful.Godbless you Mark,you did not deseve to be taken and now you have the hardest job mend your families Broken hearts. Life goes on in Heaven Mark you deserve to rest easy in the serenity with your boy,Sweet dreams Darlin.xx Give Grandad Collo & my brothers Martin & Vincent a big hug from me & your nin,her Heart has never mended and never will.QS.MIZPHA xx Love Aunty Colette. xx
Not a minute goes by that u are not on my mind,all day everyday,I know you are watching over us all & thankyou for giving me the strength to change certain things in my life.I love and miss you so much cuz xxx love Colette xxx
hey Mark I know ur up there looking down at whats goin on,Im doin a charity circuit class for all your charitys that was close to ur heart.I Know the people of kirkby will never forget you and your family will never forget we keep your memory alive everday,we always talking about you but am sure you know this, GNGB Mark, lots of love Aunty mandy and uncle ronnie QS xxxx

With every day that passess, I still find it hard to believe I will never see you again. Your Service and Sacrafice to Our country is a true inspiration to us all. Your memory lives on in those you have left behind Mark - it will never waiver - and you will never be forgotten. If only wishes could come true cuz.
Rest Easy Our Hero - All Our Love - Angela, Jason and Nicole x x x Catch Our Kisses x x x
YNWA Burgs,we ad many appy times over the years mate, i'll never forget them or you,still can't believe it mate,your family do u proud mate.GBNF
Mark We miss and love you more each and every day. X
A hero is not someone with special powers.
A hero is not someone with a cool costume.
A hero is not someone who scores goals.
A hero is not someone who sells lots of records.
Nor is it someone who makes lots of money.

A hero fights for you.
A hero stands by your side.
A hero is willing to go an inch longer.
A hero never leaves someone behind.
A hero risks their life everyday to ensure others have a better way of living.

We will NEVER forget our fallen heroes.

Rest in Peace Mark - from Robert Holly
Mark,wherever you are mate,keep smiling,bet your having a fine done us all proud and our pride for you shows everyday.'Forever Young Mark' xx your Loving,heartbroken,devastated Mum,Words just cannot describe How I feel mate. xx QS xx
Ive just finished week one of a Boarding and Searching course lad, it qualifies you to board vessels around the world an search them and detain suspects and whatever else, it's tough! Tougher than I thought, but during the beasting they were giving us the other day in -5 weather and i was soaked right through, yeno what kept me going? You! I had ur bands on my wrist, I fell down an couldn't run no more but I seen them and I just couldn't fail like that, so I got up and kept running! You're such an inspiration to me, and everyone else that knew you, Archangel Michael the Angel of War has gained a tremendous soldier and an even better man, only the dead have seen the end of war. Miss you more each day my fourth brother.. Danno x
Love & Miss you so much darlin. Your mum's been here all week with us,had a laugh talking about you & all the clan growing up. Showed her all the candles people have lit out of respect for you with their little tributes,just overwhelming .My heart burst's with pride for you,always has done & always will do.Goodnight Godbless for now darlin,Sweet dreams. Love you dearly. xx Aunty Colette xx
Mark you were and are a true genuine lovable person..Had some good laughs together.Missed by so many people. Y.N.W.A .
Mark I was never for fortunate enough to meet you in person, but after meeting your amazing Auntie Colette, and reading previous tributes to you, i have a feeling of the outstanding individual you were.
I am a founder of one of the charities that The Mark Burgan Memorial Fund is raising money for, and it is an honourand a privelidge to work alongside your family. We will remember you always and never forget that Freedom is never Free. Goodnight and Godbless. xx Cheryl Hall Invicta Foundation
Thinking about u everyday mark and miss u so much u loads collette & Olivia xxxxxx
As i write this i only have 4 weeks left before i return home as i am on tour in Afghanistan. Not a day goes by here were i do not think about Burgo, and all the sessions and laughs i had with him... a year is soon approaching, but the sadness has been replaced with alot of good memories which i will never forget, i celebrate the fact that i had the honor of calling him my friend.CSgt Paul Fitzpatrick
Quis Separabit
Mark Its Hard to write how I feel ..sumtimes u just cant explain it .I think about you everyday mate,an just feel so heavy an sad that im never gunna see u agen or play fight wid u,rip the back out of each other.Used to hate the way you called me red head wen we were little,even though i 'avent got red hair ! give anythin to hear that again..miss u forever my brother,Love Marto xx QS xx

merry xmas mark, its been hard to enjoy for the family as its our first without you, will be harder new yrs day when we always had a mad drink together in the falcon , its mad to think that last new years day/night was the last time i saw you, i'll remember that hug we had as you got in your cab forever mate, miss you always x Vinnie x QS
Merry Christmas Mark, my favourite present this year would be for you to make everyone smile again. Miss you, loads of love-Aimee-bobs x x x x x x x
From body to body the spirit moves on,
it seeks a new form when the old one has gone.
It came from the source, to the source it returns,
the flame that once lit it eternally burnsR.I.P Mark. QS from a fellow scouser.Jack Ward.
The world lost a true gent when you passed. Ritchie Moore

Rest in Peace MarkRest in peace, a true hero you will never walk alone QS Rob McCrellis
Burgo,rest in peace mate it was a pleasure to have you as a friend, g.b.n.f - John Rafferty
what a true hero mark,you will never be over your lovely family who are all so proud of you my heart goes out to them ,xx
Shouldn't have seen your name on that list on tele lad, such a shame.. But as sad as I was, I have never felt so proud, I felt prouder seing your name up there than I ever have at any point or any of my own success in my whole life mate, a total hero and an absolute gentleman. Can't even type no more, love and miss you more each day. Miss you cuz. Danno x
lovely Collette! A lot of thought has gone into it. .I'm sure you know I was happy to be involved in such a lovely tribute. Wishing you and all your family Hope, Peace and Love at this special time, in the knowledge that your brave wee nephew is in safe hands now and knows you are just bursting with pride.Best wishes Love, Marlene xxx (Scotch gift)
WOW!!! What an amazing tribute to Mark. You have worked so hard in bringing all of this to fruition. The site is brilliant and very moving. I cried, it was very emotional. You have done Mark proud, well done Colette, it’s beautiful and he’d be so proud and honoured.I’m sure he’s saying “That’s My Auntie Colette.” with a proud approving smile!!!I hope this Christmas brings happiness and warmth amongst the sadness you and all your family must feel, and that your joy is renewed amongst the pain, and that he lifts your spirit when you remember him Thinking of you Colette.Love Ralph ( waterford-Designs)
Mark I dont know what to write that I havent already wrote for you and about you. I just look at ur picture and Im lost for words right now. Why did it have to be you? You were doing so well, great career with brilliant prospects to progress in the army, so many friends and a huge family that loved u so much and were so proud of you. Love you, and are still proud of you in fact. Its nice speaking to your army friends now and hearing them say what a great soldier you were. That they all agree on but firstly, u were just our Mark, our cousin, the 5th Sherbo brother who was always there with us growing up, it was normal, u an the girls always in ours, us always in yours. Laughing, fighting, winding each other up, then going out an getting drunk, dancing like divvies, carrying on, but always looking after each other. I just wish one of us were there to look after you when it really mattered. So many happy memories, which I will treasure forever. There will never be a family like ours, and there will be no one who can replace you, your presence will always me missed. You will live forever in my heart, I will chat to you every day till the day we meet again. Miss you more and more everyday cuz, love you always - Lala xxx
No words even come close to describing how much I miss you lad, you can't be gone you were larger than life!! I sleep better sometimes knowing that your in a better place with your boy, because we dont forget about him either lad he's still one of us and he's in our hearts too. Goodnight godbless Mark x
Mark this picture of u is lovely , it sums u up, ur cheeky smile , cos u wer doing what you loved most in the world , the army was ur life, and it is so hard to believe ur not with us anymore , we will love and miss you until the day we meet again , goodnyt my m8 love your cousin collette xxxxxxxx
Still seams unreal, still hurts and prob always will. Each time i look at your photo it makes me sad but very proud to have a cousin like you! Much loved by everyone who new you, and very much missed. Till we meet again cuz, GBNF ever! love you ((((((((((( hugs for you and archie ))))))))))) xxxxx
Rip mark never forgotten always in our prayers barve hero god bless u xxxx QS
Mark Burgan, Soldier, you will forever be in our hearts and minds. Stand easy now... xx from a 9/12L mum
to my dear nephew mark. our world is a very sad place without you.each and everyone of us is still grieving badly.still cant believe what has happened to you.i hope that were ever you are with your little son archie and my dad.gngb mate love you.from auntie susie an uncle stan xxxxx
Nearly a year Mark, miss you and think about you all the time! you were a true gentleman and a genuine hero, we're all proud of you QS x
Tom Sheerin